Internet Marketing

I have thought of having an online business for many years since I closed my last “brick & mortar” storefront. Knowing I would have to physically work at something called a JOB, if I did not figure out how to generate a decent income online, lead me to study many people that had been successful.

I finally understood that we really needed a horse before we needed the cart of goodies to sell. That we needed a website in order to “brand” our self. Instead of promoting a company, we needed to promote ourselves by being honest & genuine with people, share our journey to figuring it out or what brought us to the networking realm.

So, my main income source recommended for any newbie or veteran marketer is a complete treasure chest of tools with websites and hosting included. This means, websites/blogs/hosting, autoresponders, splash/capture/landing page maker, tracker, rotator AND a commission plan that I’ve never seen before. I recommend anyone that joins, to come in as a PRO MEMBER. The total monthly cost is $21.76 for all that is needed to create a business foundation for online success.

This system is, in my personal opinion, the best treasure chest of tools wrapped up in one low monthly fee, that can build a true residual income. It may take many months of sweat equity, (surfing traffic exchanges, clicking others links to get yours shown) but, at some point, it will have a life of it’s own. Making sure that your downline knows the value of what they are using will keep them using the tools every day.

To get started today with this simple-to-use, complete system, Go to the pile of cash on the right column of this page., and click on it.  Once enrolled, you will have available to you,  the free marketing funnel ‘done for you’ system that I use to promote AIOP.